Speedy Video Tutorials

We are working on a series of online videos that show you how to use our system in step by step detail.


Simply select the feature you want to know about from the list below and watch the video.


Introductory videos


System Overview

How do I use the Editor

How can I upload photos and files to the site


Page specific videos



 - adding the site's basic details

 - change menu colours

 - change background colours

 - change the header image (top of page)

 - change the background image or set a colour

 - how to use the colour wheels

 - can I add Google Analytics



 - where is the side bar and what can I use it for

 - how do I display news on the side bar

 - how do I use the editor for my side bar



 - where is the footer and what can I use it for

 - how do I use the editor to make my footer



 - how do I add a new page

 - how do I edit an existing page

 - how can I move pages around on the menu

 - how can I add a contact page

 - how can I link to another website, file or custom page



 - adding news to the site

 - adding a photo gallery to the site

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