How to rank well in Google

Ranking well in Google and other major search engines is vital to the success of any web site. But this is not a straight forward task and requires a well thought out and executed plan to succeed.


The main steps involved in the SEO process are :

  • Establish what are the best keywords and keyphrases to target.
  • Assigning which pages of my site will be optimised for each of the target keyphrases.
  • How to set up my meta tags and write content suited to maximising the search engine optimisation process.
  • How do I work my off page optimisation and build those all important back links to my site.


This of course is a very brief outline of a very complex subject. To make it easier, we give all of our clients our 16 page DIY SEO Guide which provides a simple set of instructions covering the basics of Search Engine Optimisation which they can complete themselves or have our team do for them.


Unlike many Content Managment Systems, we have seperated our Page Title, Page Heading and Menu Name fields to give you more control over your SEO settings.


This doesn't mean your site is going to rank on page one the day it is launched, but it will certainly help.

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