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1. Starter Package Includes installation of our Content Management System, we will design a site for you, add the content YOU supply to the pages, receive access to our video tutorials and any ongoing assitance you require.

2. Do you require a Domain Name ?

No thanks, already organised.
Yes, We need a or (2yr licence).
Yes, We need a .com or .net (1yr licence).

3. Do you require Hosting for your site ?

No thanks, already organised.
1 GB - Starter Package (1 Gig, 100mbs, 3 email addresses)
2 GB - Small Business Package (2 Gig, 250mbs, 5 email addresses)
5 GB - Medium Business Package (5 Gig, 500mbs, 10 email addresses)
10 GB - Professional Package (10 Gig, 500mbs, unlimited addresses)
15 GB - Corporate Package (15 Gig, 500mbs, unlimited addresses)
20 GB - Jumbo Package (20 Gig, 750mbs, unlimted addresses)

4. How many page will your site have ?

Number of pages :
example : about us, faqs, our services.

5. Add On's to your site ?

Slide Show - Add a slide show to your homepage for maximum impact.

Online Shopping Module - Add an unlimited number of products and categories to your site.

News Module - Add news to your site, have your own blog, auto feed Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Photo Gallery Module - Add an unlimited number of photo galleries to your site.

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