What is a CMS ?

CMS stands for Content Management System. It is a web based set of tools that provide web site owners the ability to make changes to the content on a web site. This includes adding a new page, editing an existing page, changing photos, PDF's and more.


We have taken the need to know HTML out of the equation with a prebuilt design that allows enough flexibilty to customise it with your existing branding and style.



Content Management System Features :


  • Change the look and feel of the web site quickly and easily.
  • Choose your own menu colours, background colours or image backgrounds.
  • Add an unlimited number of pages.
  • Structure your menu with both main menu items and drop down menu items.
  • Add photos, videos, tables, dot points, links to pdfs and other web sites, and more to your pages.
  • Uploading files to the site to use on your pages is as easy as browsing on your computer.
  • We have seperated the menu name, seo title and page heading fields which greatly assists in search engine optimisation.
  • Page preview feature to view a page before making it live.
  • Videos to make it easy for you to learn how to manage the site yourself.
  • Add a News module or Photo Gallery module to your site.
  • Add a Slide Show to the home page.
  • Search engine optimisation friendly url's.
  • All clients receive our Online Marketing Guide.
  • Add an Online Store Module and start selling products online today.





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