What Sort of Business Is Yours ?

The Speedy Web System is designed to be a multi purpose web site solution for many business types. With a range of modules available and the existing built in features, Speedy Web can be set up and used in a way specific to your business.


Small Businesses - The Speedy Web System was originally built for all small businesses who need a basic website that allows them to showcase their range of services. With the easy to use CMS and built in SEO settings per page, sites can be set up quickly and rank well straight out of the box. Adding a photo gallery or news module can give your site an ever changing, dynamic element to your content.


Selling a few Products - Do you have range of products you manufacture yourself or import, and are currently selling them through Facebook or at a local market ? Many Mum's and Dad's are doing this as an additional source of income. Our Online Store Module is now available and ideal for this purpose.


Tradies - There are hundred of searches every day on Google from people looking for a quality tradie, who is local to their area. Our standard Speedy Web system is ideal for Tradies because each service they offer, can be set up as a seperate page to attract clients. ie - plumber Redlands, toilet repairs Redlands or Drainer Redlands etc. By adding one page per service, you have more 'lines in the water' for catching more fish.


Sporting Clubs or Hobby Clubs - The standard Speedy Web System, when combined with the Photo Gallery Module, News Module and soon to be released Results Module, provides the ideal solution for all sporting clubs and hobby groups who can self manage their web sites. The Speedy Web system has proven very popular with small motorsport categories who have sold advertising space on the sidebar of the site to the businesses who support their organisations.






Small Business Web Site Solutions