About Speedy Web

Speedy Web is a web site solution offered by one of Brisbane's leading digital agencies, The Little Web Company, who provide premium quality, custom designed and made website that present their clients as leaders in their field.


Speedy Web was started in March 2013 after nearly 12 months of development on our website template and Content Management System (CMS).


"I felt there was a need to provide an affordable web design option for small business, sporting clubs and those with limited budgets, who still required an efffective web site. The system is extremely flexible, uses a common but proven web design template with each area customisable to make many thousands of designs." 


"The Speedy Web web site, was designed and built using the same CMS we provide to our clients. We are starting to roll out the CMS on our bigger corporate clients as well who require custom made web sites."


"We are constantly working on adding quality modules to the system, giving it more flexibility for more businesses." said Martin Phoenix, owner of The Little Web Company.

Small Business Web Site Solutions